Candombe is the national music of Uruguay.  The music is played on three drums: the chico (smallest drum), repique (middle drum) and the piano (largest drum).  Each is played with one stick and one bare hand.  Played on the street by groups of up to sixty costumed drummers.  Candombe is well known as the carnival music of the country's capital Montevideo.  Candombe is also a very flexible rhythm, well suited for small groups of drummers creating a fusion of candombe with jazz, rock, or other forms of music. 


The Frederick Douglass Academy has welcomed master Uruguayan percussionist Daniel "Tatita" Márquez.  Dana Monteiro, music teacher at FDA met Tatita in Montevideo in 2012, while traveling to Uruguay to learn Candombe.  Mr. Monteiro was extremely fortunate to choose Márquez for his teacher in Montevideo, as Tatita travels to New York often to perform and record.  In 2013, Tatita was in residency at FDA for six weeks teaching, performing, and recording with our students.  We are excited to welcome Tatita back to the Frederick Douglass Academy in 2014.